TESCAN FIB-SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE (SEM), MODEL: SOLARIS TESCAN SOLARIS State-of-the-art nanofabrication capabilities that challenge the limits of sample preparation quality TESCAN SOLARIS is a gallium ion-sourced FIB-SEM system for ultrathin TEM sample preparation and other challenging nanofabrication tasks that require equipment with the best possible resolution, state-of-the-art ion optics, and the most advanced ion optics. Good nanofabrication […]


TESCAN FIB-SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE (SEM), MODEL: AMBER TESCAN AMBER TESCAN AMBER is a dual beam (FIB-SEM) focusing scanning electron microscope system that meets all the needs of today’s industrial R&D and academia research, providing unparalleled image quality while performing complex nanomanipulations and ensuring excellent precision and operational flexibility. The TESCAN AMBER is equipped with the latest BrightBeam™ […]


TESCAN SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE (SEM), MODEL: VEGA TESCAN VEGA TESCAN VEGA’s fourth-generation tungsten filament scanning electron microscope adopts the new Essence™ electron microscope manipulation software system, which integrates scanning topography images and elemental real-time analysis in the same scanning window. This combination greatly simplifies the acquisition of the surface topography of the sample and the data […]


TESCAN SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE (SEM), MODEL: MAGNA TESCAN MAGNA Excellent resolution and performance at low voltages, especially for nanoscale characterization  The TESCAN MAGNA is an extremely powerful analytical instrument for surface characterization of nanomaterials and for microscopic analysis. TESCAN MAGNA adopts Triglav™ type SEM column, which has ultra-high resolution, especially at low voltage; the detector system in the […]


TESCAN SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE (SEM), MODEL: CLARA TESCAN CLARA TESCAN CLARA Super Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Unprecedented Capabilities for Material Characterization CLARA is a versatile scanning electron microscope for a wide range of applications, further developed on the basis of the successful S8000, and designed to meet the needs of materials science […]


TESCAN SEM (MIRA) TESCAN MIRA High performance field emission scanning electron microscope The TESCAN MIRA is the latest fourth generation high performance scanning electron microscope with a high brightness Schottky field emission electron gun that enables SEM imaging and real-time elemental analysis in the same window of TESCAN’s Essence™ operating software. This combination greatly simplifies the […]