TESCAN CLARA Super Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Unprecedented Capabilities for Material Characterization

CLARA is a versatile scanning electron microscope for a wide range of applications, further developed on the basis of the successful S8000, and designed to meet the needs of materials science requirements for the analysis and characterization of various types of materials. 

With sub-nanometer resolution, CLARA can reveal the finest structures in materials. TESCAN’s unique Wide Field Opticls™ technology helps you gain a comprehensive view of the sample’s composition in a large field of view (minimum magnification down to 2x) to quickly locate areas of interest.

TESCAN CLARA maintains excellent resolution at low voltages, making it ideal not only for topographic observation of sample polar surfaces, but also for characterization of photosensitive and non-conductive samples. TESCAN CLARA , not only has excellent resolution at low voltage, but also can explore the large amount of information that the sample may contain by selecting different contrasts of secondary electrons and backscattered electrons, so it is an analytical test center or materials science research experiment. Best choice for room.

Next-generation electro-optical and imaging technologies make the CLARA an essential piece of equipment for any analytical testing center, materials characterization laboratory or industrial testing laboratory. Intuitive, modular user interface can be customized according to each operator’s needs, can effectively improve work efficiency. Preset programs and optimal imaging conditions help novice users to easily obtain high-quality images and, as far as possible, assist them in performing high-end functions within their capabilities.

  • Unique in-column BSE detector design enables signal selection based on energy and
    angle The special location of the in-column BSE detector allows it to simultaneously collect backscattered electrons (BSE) at different “exit” angles. The Axial BSE detector collects the paraxial backscattered electron signal, while the Multidetector (BSE) collects the mid-angle backscattered electron signal, which are distinctly different. With the Axial BSE detector we can suppress undesired disturbances due to the surface topography of the sample and thus observe the best material composition contrast. In contrast, the Multidetector (BSE) collects mid-angle backscattered electrons and obtains images with both compositional and topographical contrast, but with more prominent surface topography. The Multidetector is equipped with an energy filter that enables energy filtering of the secondary and backscattered electron signals in order to enhance the contrast of the backscattered electrons.
  • Ideal for electron beam sensitive samples and non-conductive samples
    Perfect integrated design of the column and detector system to achieve a low landing energy of 50 eV for the electron beam without applying a sample deceleration bias, avoiding sample damage and charging effect, and achieve excellent imaging performance, ideal for observing a variety of non-conductive samples.
  • Quick setup of the electron beam – for optimal imaging and analysis conditions
    EquiPower™ lens technology enables efficient heat dissipation and stability of the electron column. Combined with the use of real-time electron beam real-time optimization technology, TESCAN CLARA can obtain excellent high-resolution images and (EDS / EBSD) analysis capabilities in the full beam range.
  • Intuitive and precise navigation using low-magnification real-time SEM images without the need for an optical navigation camera
    Unique Wide Field Optics™ technology and dual-objective design enable undistorted observation of a large field of view and multiple imaging modes. Switching between imaging modes and switching between high and low magnification images is only one mouse click away.
  • MFL -free ultra-high-resolution lens, realizing highly sensitive characterization of material surface topography details at low voltage
    BrightBeam™ lens tube realizes MFL-free ultra-high-resolution imaging capability, which is widely applicable to various samples including magnetic samples ability.
  • The modular Essence™ software is intuitive and easy to use, and users of different technical levels can easily operate
    the TESCAN Essence™ software. The TESCAN Essence™ software makes operating electron microscopes easier than ever. The simplified and user-friendly operation interface greatly improves work efficiency. Operators can easily access all function modules with a simple search and drag and drop function modules onto the display. In addition, operators of any level can easily restore the electron microscope settings to previous conditions or navigate to previous areas. An advanced real-time 3D collision model prevents dangerous actions that can occur during sample movement.

Warranty: 02 (Two) years from the date of Successfully completion of Supply.  

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