State-of-the-art nanofabrication capabilities that challenge the limits of sample preparation quality
TESCAN SOLARIS is a gallium ion-sourced FIB-SEM system for ultrathin TEM sample preparation and other challenging nanofabrication tasks that require equipment with the best possible resolution, state-of-the-art ion optics, and the most advanced ion optics. Good nanofabrication capability. TESCAN SOLARIS  ‘ Triglav™ type SEM columns provide ultra-high resolution, especially at low voltages; the in-column detector system with electronic signal filtering opens up a whole new dimension for better image contrast and surface sensitivity chapter. TESCAN SOLARIS ‘ Orage™-type FIB columns provide not only the best precision for nanofabrication, but also a high ion beam current for high volume machining and analysis needs. 

Excellent low voltage ion beam resolution and performance enable TESCAN SOLARIS to prepare ultra-thin TEM samples of less than 20 nm, the best quality for semiconductor devices. In addition, large ion beam currents of up to 100 nA enable site-specific, large-volume FIB-SEM slice-by-slice scans of biological samples and materials, with images with excellent contrast. TESCAN SOLARIS uses the new Essence™ software, which has a user-friendly software interface to meet various application needs, customizable software layouts and automated sample preparation functions to maximize operational convenience and work efficiency.
  • World-class sample preparation quality
    Orage™ FIB columns feature an advanced ion optics design that guarantees excellent resolution over the entire voltage range, while also offering a wide range of sample preparation conditions. The excellent performance at low voltage allows this FIB column to perform the most challenging nanofabrication tasks, it can perform final polishing and obtain ultra-thin TEM samples of less than 20 nm and very high quality at low voltage.
  • Maximize sample preparation The
    Orage™ Column is capable of generating beam currents of up to 100 nA while maintaining beam quality. Therefore, the unmatched versatility of the Orage™ column is available for applications such as the preparation of delicate nanostructures at low ion beam currents, or the use of high ion beam currents to meet the requirements of high volume etching.
  • Nanomachining with very high quality
    More and more FIB applications need to be done at low voltages, the Orage™ column can be as low as 500 V, so it is possible to perform more micro-processing, such as the final polishing of TEM samples, as far as possible. Amorphization may be reduced. This sample preparation method is also suitable for preparing samples for EBSD analysis, or for the structural characterization of chips smaller than 20 nm with final polishing after de-layering.
  • Better utilization of the ion beam
    Fast, efficient, high-performance gas injection systems (GIS) are essential for all FIB applications. The new generation OptiGIS™ single gas injection system has all these features, TESCAN SOLARIS can be equipped with up to 3 OptiGIS. You can also choose a gas injection system that integrates 5 coaxial nozzles for even more versatility. In addition, we can also offer different special gases and practical de-layer solutions for planar ICs.
  • Highest Accuracy and Best FIB Performance Made Easy
    Orage™-style FIB barrels feature an ultra-stable high-voltage unit and precise piezoelectrically driven diaphragm changer for fast and high-accuracy repeatable switching on FIB preset parameters. In addition, a semi-automatic beam spot optimization wizard allows the user to easily select the optimal beam spot to optimize FIB conditions for specific applications.
  • Better Imaging Capabilities
    The in-column detector system in the next-generation Triglav™ tube has been further optimized to more than triple the signal detection efficiency. In addition, the system has expanded detection capabilities to acquire energy-filtered axial backscattered electron signals, which allow for better contrast and surface sensitivity by selectively collecting low-loss backscattered electrons.
  • Enhanced Surface Sensitivity, Contrast
    The new generation of Triglav™ columns can provide electronic signal selective detection, which helps users achieve better surface sensitivity and can obtain different contrasts. The topography or the 3-material composition, or both, can be represented in the image so that the user can observe the sample as much as possible in the shortest time possible.

  • Fast 3D Analysis Capabilities
    The new enhanced in-column detection system combined with a large ion beam current of up to 100 nA enables fast data acquisition for 3D ultrastructural studies and 3D microanalytical characterization. During FIB-SEM tomography, both EDS and EBSD data can be acquired simultaneously and 3D reconstructed by dedicated software, providing life science or nanomaterials researchers with unique perspectives and results.
  • Guarantee the best analysis conditions The
    new generation of Triglav™ tube also has adaptive beam spot optimization function, which can improve the resolution under large beam current, which is conducive to better analysis of EDS, WDS and EBSD. In addition, the Schottky field emission electron gun can generate electron beam currents up to 400 nA, and the voltage can be changed quickly to ensure good signal in all analytical applications; when processing large ion beams, it is also suitable for Non-conductive samples were subjected to charge neutralization.
  • Large wafer analysis
    The optimized 60° objective design and large sample chamber ensure dead-end SEM and FIB analysis anywhere on a 6”8” wafer.
  • Making complex applications easier
    than ever The new generation TESCAN Essence™ is a simplified, multi-user software with a layout manager that provides quick and easy access to all key functions. The software interface can be customized to best suit specific application orientations and to suit different user preferences. Various functional modules, wizards and application programs of the software enable both entry-level users and expert users to experience FIB-SEM applications easily and smoothly, thereby improving work efficiency and speeding up sample processing. TESCAN Essence™ also offers advanced DrawBeam™ functionality, a vector-based scan generator for fast and accurate FIB processing and e-beam lithography.

Warranty: 02 (Two) years from the date of Successfully completion of Supply.  

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