TESCAN VEGA’s fourth-generation tungsten filament scanning electron microscope adopts the new Essence™ electron microscope manipulation software system, which integrates scanning topography images and elemental real-time analysis in the same scanning window. This combination greatly simplifies the acquisition of the surface topography of the sample and the data analysis of the contained elements, making the new fourth-generation VEGA SEM ideal for quality control, failure analysis, and routine material inspections in research laboratories to provide more efficient analysis. solution.

  • The fully integrated TESCAN Essence™ EDS analysis platform enables SEM imaging and elemental composition analysis in a single window of the Essence™ electron microscope manipulation software.
  • TESCAN adopts a unique non-mechanical diaphragm design and adopts the patented real-time electron beam tracking (In Flight Beam Tracing™) technology, which can help users quickly obtain the best imaging and analysis conditions for electron microscopy.
  • Unique Wide Field Optics™ design, down to 2x magnification, enables easy and precise SEM navigation without the need for additional optical navigation cameras.
  • SingleVac™ mode comes standard as a convenient analytical tool for observing non-conductive and electron beam sensitive samples.
  • Real-time stereoscopic imaging can be obtained using 3D electron beam technology (3D Beam Technology).
  • During the sample movement process of the sample stage and the device, the Essence™ 3D anti-collision module can intuitively display the position information of the detector and the sample stage in the installation chamber, providing the ultimate safety protection.
  • The vacuum buffer energy saving unit can significantly shorten the running time of the mechanical pump, providing an environmentally friendly and cost-effective electron microscope.
  • Modular analysis platform, optionally integrating the widest variety of detectors and accessories (such as cathode fluorescence detectors, water-cooled backscattered electron detectors or Raman spectrometers, etc.).

Warranty: 02 (Two) years from the date of Successfully completion of Supply.  

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