TESCAN AMBER is a dual beam (FIB-SEM) focusing scanning electron microscope system that meets all the needs of today’s industrial R&D and academia research, providing unparalleled image quality while performing complex nanomanipulations and ensuring excellent precision and operational flexibility.

The TESCAN AMBER is equipped with the latest BrightBeam™ tube, a true magnetic field-free ultra-high resolution (UHR) that maximizes a variety of analyses, including analysis of magnetic samples, and real-time monitoring of the SEM during FIB operation. On the other hand, the innovative Orage™ FIB column with state-of-the-art ion optics and gas injection system makes the TESCAN AMBER a world-class instrument for sample preparation and nanofabrication.

Modular, workflow-based software ensures maximum control in all applications, no trade-offs between complex technologies, and a user-friendly interface. The TESCAN AMBER is thus ideal for high-end FIB-SEM applications and the analytical platform of choice for all those seeking everyday scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Innovative BrightBeam™ SEM column technology for true ultra-high resolution (UHR)

  • The latest BrightBeam™SEM tube, electromagnetic-electrostatic composite objective, with patented 70° pole piece;
  • Magnetic field-free super-resolution imaging, which can maximize the realization of various analyses, including the analysis of magnetic samples;
  • The latest variety of detectors, including In-Beam Axial detector and multi-controller, can choose different angles and different energies to collect signals, better surface sensitivity and contrast, can see more detailed , observe more deeply;
  • The maximum beam current of the new field emission Schottky electron gun can reach 400 nA, and at the same time, it can realize the rapid change of electron beam energy;
  • Next-generation circuitry supports up to 8 real-time signal channels simultaneously
  • EquiPower™ lens technology for efficient heat dissipation and stability of the electron tube;
  • Electron beam deceleration technology (BDT) further enhances the resolution at low voltage, and can detect SE and BSE signals simultaneously (optional);

Innovative Orage™ Ga FIB Column for Challenging Nanoengineering Tasks

  • The innovative Orage™ Ga FIB column ensures excellent ion resolution, better than 2.5 nm at 30 kV and a minimum voltage of 500 V;
  • Excellent low-pressure sample preparation capability can quickly prepare non-destructive ultra-thin TEM samples;
  • The maximum FIB beam current can reach 100 nA, and the SmartMill-level high-speed cutting for cross-section processing and sheet removal doubles the processing efficiency;
  • Fast FIB nano-reconstruction technology, easy to understand the ultra-microscopic information of the sample;
  • Adopt the new OptiGIS gas injection system, which can be started quickly, with excellent deposition/etch stability, and can install up to 6 OptiGIS in one instrument;
  • The combination of flux-free SEM imaging and high-speed FIB enables fast and uninterrupted milling/sequential imaging for TEM/atom probe sample preparation or FIB-SEM tomography.

Warranty: 02 (Two) years from the date of Successfully completion of Supply.  

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