Vario sample divider (vario 4/8)

Sample divider equipment range for quickly reduced laboratory samples

The standard machine for grain recording

  • The quickest way of dividing samples in a representative way
  • Large filling funnel
  • Infinitely adjustable dividing ratio
  • Models for 1 to 8 subsamples
  • Extremely good static distribution of the different sample parts



  • Dividing samples of grain, seed and other granular products.
  • Accurately dividing to the desired sample size in one operation.

The sample divider is the most neglected device in the quality evaluation chain of agricultural grain when delivery takes place. Collection samples are produced in accordance with a fixed number of sampling points. The sample that is acquired in this way usually weighs 5–8 kg. Modern analysis devices required between 300–1000 g.

Switch on sample divider and put the sample into the feed funnel. The surrounding distributor pipe passes the eight variably adjustable openings inside the device. The sub-samples are taken to the collection trays alternately via a tube system. The excess material flows through the middle and can be collected in a collection container or taken away via a pneumatic transportation system. The yellow scale on the front of the sample divider indicates the dividing ratio.

The Vario 1G sample divider is also available with a built-in electric actuator (actuation cylinder) and associated PC software. The device can be used in a single work operation to divide the initial sample, whereby either the size of the subsample or a fixed divided sample / subsample can be chosen.

ModelNumber of samplesVoltage / outputDimensionsWeightItem number
Vario 1G1230 V, 50 Hz / 60 W492x465x800 mm65 kg1745 0057
Vario 2H2230 V, 50 Hz / 60 W492x485x840 mm60 kg1745 0050
Vario 4/84 or 8230 V, 50 Hz / 60 W492x550x840 mm72 kg1745 0053
AccessoriesItem number
Standard funnel Ø 48 mm3331 0500
Extension funnel for capacity of 8 kg3331 0510
Funnel diam. 30 mm (9 kg/min)3331 0520
Different funnel insertsBy request
Stainless steel hook-in plates for changing the dividing ratio3331 0530
PVC collection tray, 2 liters3110 0050
Stainless steel collection pan, 2 liters3351 0500
Stainless steel collection pan, 3.5 liters3331 9015
Stainless steel continuous sample pan1740 0081
Side funnel for Vario 2H model3321 4020
Agitator for non-free-flowing products1745 0065
For Vario 4/8 only: Stainless steel collection pan, 2 liters3331 9010

Warranty: 02 (Two) years from the date of Successfully completion of Supply.  

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