ANKOM FLEX Analyte Extractor

The ANKOMFLEX Analyte Extractor’s innovative design and automated technology supports multiple samples at one time, and completes saponification, solid phase extraction (SPE), and evaporation in about two to three hours.

  • Simplifies fat-soluble vitamin and cholesterol analysis
  • Crude and total fat analysis capability coming soon
  • Eliminates chemical handling to improve safety
  • Eliminates bi-phase extractions
  • Reduces solvent usage
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Reduced per Assay Costs
  • Provides ability to create custom methods
  • Benefits
  • Automatic Saponification, Extraction,
    and Evaporation in One Unit
    • No transfer steps
    • Reduces chemical handling
    • Reduces technician labor
    • Increased accuracy and precision
    • Eliminates user error
    Official Methods
    • EN-12823-1, EN-12822
    Computer Controlled Operation
    • Touch screen interface
    • User-friendly, easy to use
    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Pre-defined and Customizable Methods
    • Multiple applications
    • Provides flexibility within methods and method development​
    Inert Nitrogen Environment
    • Protects sensitive analyte through entire process
    • Increases accuracy and precision
    Closed System
    • Eliminates under-hood instrument positioning
    • Easy connection to exhaust system
    Uses SPE
    • Eliminates bi-phase extractions & emulsions
    Automatic Chemical Additions
    • Improves safety
    • Reduces solvent usage
    Small Footprint
    • Frees up counter space
    • Eliminates multiple workstations needed for saponification, extraction, and evaporation steps
    Full Record Keeping
    • Ability to review, analyze, and troubleshoot historic data

Sample Specifications

Sample Types: Validated for all nine sections of the AOAC NIST Food-matrix Traingle

Fat Ranges: 0%-100%
# of Assays per run: 4 assays in 2-3 hours, ~16 per day, 80 in a 5-day week
Sample Size: Up to 10g liquid or solid sample, depending on fat content
*For vitamin analysis, larger volumes can be saponified outside of the
instrument and aliquots introduced for extraction and evaporation

Instrument Specifications
Dimensions: 77 cm (30.5”) W x 81.3 cm (32”) H x 45.7 cm (18”) D
Weight: 54.4 kg (120 lbs)
Nitrogen Supply: 5.5-6.9 bar (80-100psi)

Ventilation: Closed system with exhaust lines ready to be connected to an exhaust system,
eliminating under-hood instrument positioning

Power Requirements: 220 V-240 V ~50/60Hz 8A, 100 V-120 V ~50/60Hz 15A

Reservoirs: Four reservoirs programmable by the user for the required solutions

Automates fat-soluble vitamin, cholesterol, crude and total fat extraction

Warranty: 02 (Two) years from the date of Successfully completion of Supply.  

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